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EKNA Services, Inc. (EKNA) is an engineering consulting firm in Hawaii that provides customized solutions. By providing  planning, engineering and construction management services with the client's trust and needs in mind focusing on professionalism, innovation, cost efficiency and schedules. At EKNA, we build an experience for our clients.

Our Vision:

    To perform with the utmost care and practice of engineering and management stressing integrity, morals, professionalism and a high standard of ethics.

    To challenge ourselves, we emphasize not only on projects, but  solutions.  We work on projects with complex solutions to challenge our team and dares us to work harder and do better.

    To serve our clients goals and needs, making them a part of the team and integrating them into our family.

    To commit ourselves  to support our employees' personal and professional goal.  They are our most important resource and shall be professional, experienced and trained in their area of specialized expertise.

Our History

    The company was opened in the late-1970s, as Edward K. Noda and Associates, Inc. focusing on oceanographic consulting. In the early 80’s, the firm merged with KFC Airport, Inc. to provide consulting engineering for airport development and coastal projects.   In the late 80’s, the companies separated and Edward K. Noda and Associates, Inc. was one of three operating companies under DNA Corporation providing airport, ocean and environmental consulting engineering services.

    With the retirement of Edward K. Noda, EKNA Services, Inc. became the primary operating company.  In 2015, the company restructured and added construction management and project management to its arena of expertise.

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