EKNA Services, Inc.




Below is an overview of the services and solutions EKNA Services, Inc. provides. At EKNA Services, Inc., we have been serving Hawaii for over 30 years and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in our field.

We look forward to have the opportunity to provide any of these services to you in the near future:

  • Project Management
    • Project Delivery Facilitation
    • Owners Representation
    • Financial Metrics and Budgeting
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Construction Management
    • Construction Support Services/Coordination
    • Contract Administration
    • Cost Management
    • Scheduling
    • Progress Monitoring
    • Safety and Quality Control
    • Project Close Out
  • Airport and Harbor Services
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Planning
  • Environmental Planning & Engineering
    • Environmental Impact Statements
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Environmental Mitigation
    • Biosecurity (Invasive Species)
  • Coastal & Ocean Engineering
    • Permitting
    • Bathymetry
    • Coastal Data Collection
  • GPS and GIS Applications and Computer Modeling
    • Data Collection
    • GIS Implementation
    • Numerical Modeling and Database Development
  • Agricultural Services
    • Program Implementation
    • Water Demand Analysis
    • Biosecurity (Facilities, Import Replacement, Risk Assessments, Documentation)
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